As a World Class Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards, Excel Circuits offers the most competitive pricing for both common build technology and cutting edge prototypes.

We welcome challenges involving experimental construction, manufacturing capabilities, and Optimal Design Criteria.

Our philosophy is based on, "If it can be physically done, we can do it, or we know how and where to get it done."

In some cases, we are able to reach out to specialty manufactures through a cooperative partnership built on our multi-decade spanning industry reputation, to obtain ideas and information regarding special processes beyond our normal operating parameters.

In all cases, we are able to provide the most cost-effective solution, and meet the most demanding deadlines.

Manufacturing Capabilities:Common / Standard:Advanced / Premium / Special:
Production Cycle/Lead Time3 weeks standard for Multilayer;
2 weeks standard for Single and/or Double-Sided
3 day,  7 days, and 2 weeks **
PCB Construction TechnologySingle sided, Double-Sided, Multi-LayerUp to 24 layer, Blind Via Buried Via, sequencial build
Panel Size18 x 24”24 x 76”> *
Panel Thickness.031 – .062”.005“ – .030, .063 – .400” *
Substrate MaterialsFR4 and/or 185HR glass-filled wovenFR406, FR408, GR, GY, GP, GX, GT, GI glass-filled woven, CEM1, CEM3, Specialty/High Frequency, Roger4003, Polyimide, ceramic filled Teflon, Duroid, N9320-13RF (Neltec), Metal-backed Aluminum, Brass: High Tg Materials include 185HR, IS410; 370HR and NP170 (atavistic) available only upon request*
Copper Weight (base, ounce/, 1, 2, and 3 oz.4 oz. base; 5.0+ ounce/ finished *
Drilled Hole Size (min.).010″ drill (.005~.006″ finished plated)< .010″ *
Mechanical Tolerance+/-.010” positional+/-.005” positional
Feature Resolution.006″ traces , .006″ space (“gap”)<.004“ traces , <.004” space (“gap”)
Imagable panel area17 x 23″>17.5 x 23.5″*
Front-to-Back Registration+/-.003″+/-.0015″
Soldermask (resist)All boards SMOBC LPI (Green, Red, Blue and Clear)LPI (any color), Wet (Green. Black, other); Peelable / strippable solder mask; Plugged/capped via;
Soldermask to land clearance.004″ (LPI) ; .008″(screenable wet epoxy)<.004″(LPI) ; <.008″(screenable wet epoxy) *
Soldermask dam (LPI).008″.004″ (LPI) *
Etched feature : artwork deviation+/-.0007″ (1/2 oz. copper) ; .002″ (1.0 oz. copper)Please call for specifications on copper weights over 1.0 ounce/ *
Plated-thru hole aspect ratio5:112:1 *
Copper Plating Thickness.001″ nominal> .001″ *
Final Metalic FinishesTin-Lead HASL (Hot Air Solder Level),
White Tin
Immersion Silver
Electrolytic NI
Conductive Carbon ink
“Hard” Gold (Electrolytic)
ENIG (Electroless Nickel/Immersion Gold)
Soft Bondable Gold